We provide commissioners, NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups and providers of commissioning support, with practical strategic, tactical and operational advice and the delivery of complex transformational challenging change programmes, including commissioning structured collaboration and procurement competition models.

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Our approach and methodologies are informed by the values of transparency in every aspect of our work, partnering with our commissioning and provider colleagues to ensure ownership, relevance, sustainability and openness in the formulation of ideas, challenges and facets of current practises and culture.

Our goal is to proactively enable change through effective delivery, based on a clear approach with clear communication. Our ethos is to keep the patient and users of the healthcare system at the heart of our thinking.

Integration, prime contracting and capitation models are all good examples of where STO Healthcare has worked closely with clinical commissioning groups to develop the best solutions for the benefit of patients and commissioners alike.

Commissioners typically balance a number of competing aspects in their drive to redesign and commission effectively. At STO Healthcare we are cognisant of both the need for efficiency, the drive to deliver more for less and the increasing requirement to wrap services around the patient.

Our processes, protocol and team’s deep experience both within and external to the NHS brings this richness into our strategic, tactical and operational delivery with the commissioner colleagues.

At STO Healthcare we recognise the unique challenges faced by system leaders and we are able to provide that independent, knowledgeable critical friend to provide support the team and provide the extra bandwidth for supportive reflective thinking, discussion and planning.

Collaboration with providers feels a natural approach for many commissioners and the wider NHS. There are common principles that can be adopted but the identification and delivery of the most appropriate approach required hands on experience from a team of seasoned professionals

At STO Healthcare we have developed a model that structures collaboration around the commissioner’s and provider partners’ needs focusing on the patient and the delivers system wide transformation.

One of the more challenging elements of transformational change is the appropriate modelling of the financial envelope. The sculpting of commercial arrangements harmonised with clinical requirements is one of the many areas that we can demonstrate a track record of innovation and sustainable delivery.

At STO Healthcare we view the performance management of clinical contracts is an area that requires significant step change. We believe that commissioners and providers need to start their relationship with a positive shared clarity around the delivery of the patient clinical service and to support the provider with the delivery of the critical performance metrics. 

Structured around the concept of relationship management, STO Healthcare support commissioners in the refocusing of the current approach to contract management through the loose desk bound monitoring into active and positive relationship management based out with the provider.

At STO Healthcare we have the expertise and experienced team to deliver all elements of formal public sector procurement. We very much believe that mobilising the EU procurement Directives and the UK legislation through clarity and plain language allows us to guide commissioners safely through their clinical and non-clinical procurements.

The basic tool for recording agreements following the service commissioning processes is the NHS standard contract. In many CCGs the performance measures and levers in the contract are only occasionally used as there is a strong positive commissioner / provider relationship. However there are occasions when the levers in the contract have to be set in motion to effect a specific solution. STO Healthcare support commissioners with common sense interpretation of the application of the contract terms and the practical method of delivery.

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